Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Adventures of Paris

On my 24th Birthday, I was extremely lucky to have had my partner, Daniel take me to Paris. If you fancy a cheap laugh, read on, because it definitely was.. eventful.

We left for Paris the day before my Birthday, even though we left at 12 that afternoon, we still somehow managed to only get to our hotel room around 9pm. We thought it was a fantastic idea to walk from the train station to our hotel, I think we underestimated the distance a little bit. 

On the plane 
When we got to our hotel, which was beautifully posh, we took a look at their food menu and instantly put it back down again (we would have been broke before we even got out the hotel). So, we decided to order a pizza, which neither of us speak french, so we made an attempt to order online to our hotel.

2 hours passed, and no pizza arrived. By this time it was half 11 and we made an assumption that as the pizza place was now closed, our pizza wasn't coming. So, regretfully we ordered the cheapest thing on the hotel menu; '4 chips and 2 baguettes' costing a grand total of 22 euros. By this time, we were so hungry, and I wasn't getting any younger.. And 4 bowls of chips didn't seem too bad.

Finally, room service came, he knocks on the door, and to our surprise, we were gifted with 4 bags of crisps and 2 rolls. I told you neither of us spoke french.

So we were off to a great start. On the day of my Birthday, we did what I wanted to do. We started off the day shopping, obviously. Bourjois was top of my list, I got quite a few bits and bobs from there which I will do a future blog post on. The shopping bits the boring bit though, so i'll move on.

Rooftop Cafe
We took a trip on a canal boat around Paris, where for some reason whenever we went under a bridge, there was a roar of 'WHEEEYY' every time without fail. We ended the day by going to the Hard Rock Cafe, where the fussiest eater in the world (myself) was annoyed that they put onions my mash, who does that. 

On the day after my Birthday, by now I was fed up of eating sandwiches haha (this is the only thing we were brave enough to order our whole time, other than at The Hard Rock Cafe). We went to The Louvre, which was something Dan wanted to do more so, and explored more of Paris. Then in the evening came the Eiffel Tower..
On the way to Hard Rock Cafe
I didn't think I was scared of heights, until now. We took a lift to the 2nd floor, and planned to go to the top. But after stepping foot on the 2nd floor, we both instantly couldn't wait to get back down again, and didn't have the courage to go all the way to the top. 

The view from 'the top' as we called it
We decided to walk down, because there was a long queue for the lift. This was a stupid idea. It took us twice as long to get down because we were too busy holding on to the railing as a safety precaution incase we 'fell off the edge', all through the floor, or something, I don't know it was pretty scary. We have never been so happy to see ground. 
Before we got up The Eiffel Tower
The next day it was time to fly back home. But it wouldn't be us if we weren't late for something, and that includes our plane. Yep, we missed our plane and was lucky that we JUST managed to scrape together 160 euros to get us home again. 

Birthday Evening, outside our hotel. Look at that sky!
I am very grateful for the Birthday I had, and I am blessed to have such an amazing guy in my life.