Friday, 16 March 2018

Our First Date

Around February 4 years ago, Dan entered into my life. In fact it wasn't the first time he had done so. The first time around we started talking through a mutual friend on Facebook but after a while we stopped talking. I'm pretty sure I went through a 'clear out' phase, but I can't remember how it exactly went.

A few years after that he was recommended as a friend back on Facebook, and I added him again. After a few likes here and there, and brief chats on status's (I was trying to get his attention), I  finally received a private message. Though it's now very much a blur, I remembered vividly discussing Goat Simulator and the new Spiderman film at the time, and how "we should go see it". From then on we spoke every single day, we still had never met.

He was at University at the time studying his second year. One night we sat up either sides of our screens and watched Wrestlemania 'together'; it was like we were actually in the same room. I found out that in April he would be coming back for a few days, and the talk of going to see Spiderman came up again. We planned a day. It wasn't really spoke of being a date.

Funny thing about this was; I ignored him the whole day. I was so anxious, and just like every other meet up with anyone ever, I was busy planning my escape - or excuse. Somehow, I managed to pluck up the courage to go. I guess fate took hold of me that day, because looking back now and the state I was in, I have no clue how I did it.

He picked me up in a taxi, he got the door for me. I was surprised he did so, I never had a guy who did that for me before. I instantly noticed two things; 1) he was wearing a The Story So Far t-shirt, 2) He was listening to Funeral For A Friend, I kinda thought maybe he was trying to impress me as we spoke a lot about those two bands just before. Later on, he admitted it!! 

We clicked instantly, and instantly I wasn't anxious anymore. It felt like I already knew him. Going to the cinema kinda helped break the ice. Once it was over and we hung out for a bit, we grabbed a taxi. One of my most favourite moments to this day and I remember vividly was on the journey back, his glasses broke - whilst he was wearing them. Just on his face. I cried with laughter.

I had so much fun that I saw him again the next day. He invited me around his house (no not like that), he was a true gentleman. I stayed that night until 5am, we laid on his bed and spoke about music, his dog at the time, and laughed til my gut hurt. At one point I had my hand under the pillow near his, our fingers were touching, I wanted to hold his hand but I was so scared. He eventually held mine. 

He went back to University for a few weeks after this. We carried on speaking all day, every day, until he returned. Eventually he asked me to be his Girlfriend, 4 years ago in May. 

Even though I was never officially asked on a date on this occasion, I still identify this as our first one. I love our little story.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018


It's been just over three years since I first pulled the plug on all my social media accounts; this of course not including my YouTube and this very blog, which I have spoken about before. But after a long hard think, I decided to click the sign up button on creating an Instagram account.

So what made me 'change my mind'? Well, my reason for trying out Instagram again was for the simple fact that I wanted a way to get closer to other bloggers and like minded people. People who have similar tastes to myself. It's hard to reach out to people in this day in age when you don't have any platform to spread your material and just as importantly engage with other peoples. 

I'm not saying this is going to work. Who knows if I will even stick around on this forever. But it's something I knew in the back of mind I just had to trial out. 

I will be completely honest. It's already giving me anxiety. This was one of the main reasons I opted out of social media in the first place, them few years ago - it actually did nothing for my mental health, it was one aspect I struggled with a lot. Hence why I eliminated it. And I still stand by the fact it was one of the best things I ever did. But were keeping it quiet this time and were just sticking to this one platform. 

Lets give this a go.


Sunday, 4 March 2018

Full Moon // Outfit Post

The occasion? A little hard to explain. Dans Grandad is a Mason and they hold these little events now and then. Grandad (as I call him) was ever so kind to invite us along with him again as his guests. I'm not very good at meals as such, but I went and I'm pretty proud of myself for that. It's something I find very difficult.

As it was more of a quick event, I just went for something I already had in my wardrobe. I wore this outfit once before to a wedding.

The dress is by Fashion Union, but I found it on Asos. I think it's so cute and a mix between goth and victorian, but at the same time elegant. A velvet dress with beautiful lace detailing on the neck, arms and across the chest. Not to mention the polka dot mesh insert that is shown across the chest and also on the back of the dress, which makes this piece extra unique and different - I love it!

I think these shoes speak for themselves. Leopard print. Chunky heel. Me all over.



Saturday, 3 March 2018

Bands I Want To See In 2018

It's already March, and I am yet to experience my first gig of the year. That all changed this month though with Dinosaur Jr just on the brink of the horizon. I'm pretty excited just to be in that music environment more than anything.

I've had a few bands floating around my head lately who I'm praying will head over the UK over the next year, whether I have seen them before or not.

Zac Brown Band
FUN FACT TIME: me Dan have a slight thing now and then for the odd country music, and Zac Brown Band is the top of that food chain for us. They are fun, catchy, energetic, happy, and sometimes sad. 

The last time they were over they played a Country festival which we couldn't afford to go to at the time. Were hoping that this is the year they grace us with a headline tour. PLEASE?!

This ones pretty much set in stone and will definitely be happening. The other day these boys announced they will be coming over the beginning of May. It's not their first time over, but it is their first time doing a headline tour over here - so that in itself is pretty cool. 

At this current moment in time, I would have to say these guys are currently my favourite. They don't have a bad song in my opinion. I've ranted on about Novelists so many times before; you're probably bored of it by now. 

In Flames
If I had the money and my way I would be flying over Sweden this July for In Flames very own festival Borgholm Brinner. But that just can't happen for obvious reasons. But thats a dream right there. I mean aside from the bands, just look at the location! It's in a bloody castle! I don't think a show would ever get more awesome than that.

I've never seen In Flames as I have said before, but they were one of those bands I loved when I was younger and never got the chance to see. And still haven't. Perhaps this could be the year. Though I am pretty sure I say that every year. 

Sum 41
Funnily enough the one time I was supposed to see Sum 41 was the Kerrang tour when they were co-headlining with New Found Glory, Unfortunately they had to drop out. 

They have recently announced they will be playing 'Does This Look Infected' in its entirety across the US. With them making an appearance at this years Reading festival, we can only ask ourselves; will we be getting the same treatment any time soon? Heres hoping!