Sunday, 31 December 2017


I'm having a hard time trying to think positively at the moment. My mind feels cloudy. I'm feeling reflective on the past year, but I don't really feel fulfilled by it. In fact, it makes me feel a little sad.

I guess in a positive way it's making me see what I want from the upcoming year. I want the obvious. I want to keep doing what I love the most. Gigs and music are my way of escaping. Just like many others. This will continue, i'm not ready to give that up yet. But next year I want to go to more, I feel like i've missed out on way too many shows this year that I wanted to go to but haven't been able due to financial problems.

I want to explore another part of the world, just like I did this year. But only this time I want to go somewhere that is more my climate, not so populated, and more greenery than concrete. That's not me being ungrateful, I am so very grateful, but I have realised and learnt more about myself this year about areas that I find bring me peace. Busy cities aren't for me. I love the culture, I love site seeing, but I am longing to visit somewhere surrounded by mountains, lakes, and the worlds natural beauty. That's where I find my peace.

I want to become more financially stable. This is my biggest downfall. This holds me back which I am aware of. There are problems I need to tackle first, before I tackle this problem. It is one that by the end of next year, I hope to have more in my control. I have ideas in my head, I just need to put them into reality. I need to have more faith in myself in order to do this. It's something I lack, which then leads on to destroying my motivation to pursue it. 

One thing that I really enjoy doing is this blog, and I would like to take it more seriously. By this I mean posting more regularly, because it's good for me. It's my own little space where I can be my own boss, and I can create content which I can share with whoever is kind enough to give me a few minutes of their day, in taking the time to read, or even skim read. I want to go back to my roots and create more videos. I feel like this without even putting real effort in will help develop both my writing, filming and editing skills.

This ties in with the creative side of me. I need to stop destroying ideas and tasks before they are even complete. I have started so many creative projects, and just left them before finishing them. I think this relates back to having confidence in myself. 

Wouldn't life be better if we quit any inch of doubt in our minds, and just chase the things we love? Too many people don't, I for one am tired of being that person. 2018 is going to be more about me. And it starts from right now :) 

Friday, 29 December 2017

Christmas Haul 2017

And just like that Christmas was over :( I love watching the hauls of people with similar taste to myself. So I have gone ahead and had a go at doing my own. Every thing you find here will either be black, witchy, or just very me. I've listed links to everything featured, below :) 

Moon / Star Socks -  KILLSTAR
Notebook - KILLSTAR
Witch Mug - EBAY
Pull Ring Pinafore - H&M
Lace Blouse - H&M
Teddy Jacket - NEW LOOK
Striped T-shirt - NEW LOOK
Floral Strappy Dress - TOPSHOP (SIMILAR)
Leopard Print Sock Boots - MATALAN (SIMILAR)
Jeffree Star Skin Frost in shade Neffree - BEAUTY BAY
Dose Liquid Lipsticks in shades Brick & Bare With Me - BEAUTY BAY

Saturday, 23 December 2017

2017, A Year In Reflection

Dear 2017,

There is no denying you have been a difficult one, and you've flown by quicker than I've known any other year. I never pictured me to be in the place that I am now, but that's okay because you've taught me things; that I don't really want you lingering around into the new year. As that year will be mine.

Looking back you've also given me a bunch of good stuff. Stuff that I am forever grateful for. Like my two new best friends; Shadow & Link. I never thought this time last year I would have two furry little rat friends, though it's always been talked about. Though not quite a dog, they have become great company.

I saw my hamster pass, though it may be 'just a hamster', I loved it like I would any animal, and strangely brought back memories of my dog. 

It saw my Dad in hospital in a state i've never seen him in before, it made me realise how life is too short. It made me realise how non of us are invincible, life is unpredictable, and any one can become sick at any time, so we need to make the most of it. 

You let me see my favourite band play 6 of their albums in full. No doubtably one of the best experiences of my life. I will forever hold this experience close to my heart.

I got to travel to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Rome for my 26th Birthday present. I couldn't have asked for a better gift. I hope next next I get to travel some more. I want to see Switzerland and I am going to try and make that happen.

I went on the London Eye, something I have always wanted to do but never had the chance. Something that made me realise (again) that maybe I'm not good in small spaces up high!

2017 you made me stick to one of my resolutions; to start writing more. Although I still don't do it nearly as enough as i'd like to, i'm doing it at my own pace, and i've stuck to it. I think that is something to be proud of. As for all my other 'resolutions' there is still room for improvement. 

I've started to let my creativity out more, and I have realised that this is something that makes me truly happy. It brings me calm. 

I've learnt a lot of lessons this year, some that may have slipped my mind right now. The biggest one of all being that I want to make 2018 my year. I know that is a pretty standard saying. I want to know my heart and soul feel happy.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Witch Casket Unboxing // December 2017

The best time of the month! Witch Casket day has arrived! Yay! 

I got my first subscription box last month (which I have also made an unboxing video / post for. You can find that here) and I absolutely loved it, and this month felt like it was a notch above the last; how is that possible?!

I loved the idea of the misfortune cookie; mine said "If today were a fish, i'd chuck it back in if I were you", which made me laugh and is just a bit of brilliant fun. (I hate the taste of fortune cookies though). My pendulum I was made up with because by the looks of other peoples, everyone got a different colour. My favourite colour is green, and it has such pretty detailing on the stone; I think I got extra lucky!! 

Anyways, heres an unboxing video, and list of contents in the order of the video (incase you want to skip through) 

Roll on January! Plus I can't wait to use my calendar! So cute!

☾ ☼ 

Box Contents: 
Art Print - By Novilunium Eyes
2018 Calendar - Witch Casket Exclusive 
Black Coconut Incense Sticks
Breaking Bad Habits Candle Spell - Witch Casket Exclusive
Chai of Madagaskar Loose Lead Tea 
Zebra Agate Crystal 
Karma Fragranced Candle - Vanilla
Dowsing Pendulums Parchment Scroll - Witch Casket Exclusive
Witch Casket Badge - By Curiology
Pendulum Cloth - Witch Casket Exclusive
Fridge Magnet - Witch Casket Exclusive
Misfortune Cookie - Pechkeks 
Crystal Pendulum

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Mastodon // Brixton Academy, London // 10.12.17

Brixton Academy is just one of those venues that holds a lot of memories for me. It's also funny how it was exactly a year ago to the day that I was here in this very venue, watching Bullet For My Valentine play The Poison in full; which still happens to be one of the most memorable shows of my life. So far.

Waking up to the snow today was interesting. No one believed me when I said it was going to snow, not even the man in the post office the day before haha. There was a lot of hassle with the trains, because of course any slight weather drop, and the trains can't handle it, but we eventually made it.

I've never had the chance to see Mastodon before. Dan on the other hand has done quite a number of times. I guess as i've never even watched any live footage of them before on the internet that I went not knowing what to really expect from seeing them live; But there was something about this was different to other shows I have been to. I felt like it was really just about appreciating the music tonight, you know standing and taking in the band as a whole. 

Coming home was another thing all together. We arrived back at Euston to only have to wait another 2 hours for a train; it was freezing, and i've never ever been so happy to hear the noise of the opening train doors to let us in to the warmth. 

Monday, 11 December 2017

Robert Plant // Royal Albert Hall, London // 08.12.17

This is a bit different to the sort of music I usually post about. A  birthday gift from Dans Mom, to him; seeing Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, at the most beautiful venue in London, The Royal Albert Hall.

I must admit, I am in by no means a Zeppelin fan; if i'm honest with you, it's not my cup of tea, just like that era of music, BUT I see why others are mad for them; I see why they are Dans favourite band. By my own surprise I actually very much enjoyed this evening. 

We were originally put in seats, right next to the stage. But as soon as we got their, we realised we couldn't see a thing. After some miracle we were allowed to exchange our tickets for wristbands which meant we could stand in the viewing area, the very top of the hall. The view was amazing!

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Empty Skies // Outfit Post

I found something new to be obsessed with and never take off. This dress. I haven't posted in a while any of my outfits and that is because the quality is never up to the standard of what others post.  I don't have a tripod and I don't feel confident enough to pose in front of a camera, whilst something photographs me, at least not yet. But then I figured that this is supposed to be fun and not taken seriously, so why not share what I am wearing. 

I fell in love this this dress instantly. You can see why. So once again, I am sorry for the bad quality pictures. But I am not sorry for the awesome dress haha. :)


Dress // Asos
Shoes // Converse

Monday, 4 December 2017

Why I Don't Drive

I don't drive. I spent a few years trying to pass my test from 2012, I failed my test twice, and I ran out of funds. I was a nervous driver, I could drive, but I think the social anxiety part of me let me down. That may sound ridiculous to some people, but I spent more time worrying about the fact I was in a car trying to make small talk for an hour, than anything. 

I had panic attack after panic attack, more of less every single time the day of my driving lesson came around. I would go to the toilet about 20 times whilst waiting for my instructor to arrive. I would pace back and fourth, have to sit in the garden to cool down and catch my breath. My heart would be pounding, fluttering, i'd be feeling dizzy and light headed. It wasn't the driving I was scared of, I loved it! 

One day I got into the car, and I was shaking noticeably. This was the first time I have felt anyone being able to notice. I had my foot on the clutch, ready to go, and my whole leg was shaking; it was as if I had no strength in my leg to control it. This was the worst my anxiety had ever been during my driving lesson sessions. I started crying, and it felt so embarrassing. 

So after I failed a second time, the reason I felt it was even more gutting was because I knew I had to go through it all again, all the lessons, and the 'social interaction sessions'. 

I know one day i'll pick it up again,  I want to feel that sense of achievement and know that it was worth all the hard work I put in, in the first place. Aside from my own personal experience, I do think driving isn't for everyone. Hey, walking is a good excuse for exercise too. 

Pictures are not my own 

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Last Christmas

I was looking through old pictures today, wondering how quickly a year has gone. Then I had the idea to show some pictures from the past couple of years, during the Christmas Period. 

Christmas 2016

As it happens, it looks like 2016 wasn't a good year for Christmas pictures. This was all I could find. This was actually on NYE.

The Run up to Christmas last year was very exciting though. Dans Birthday is two weeks before the big day, so we went away to Stratford Upon Avon to celebrate. That got me feeling festive!

Christmas 2015

This was the year we had an attempt at going to Winter Wonderland in London. We went during the evening, and honestly; we hated it! It was my idea of hell, the crowds; you couldn't move. Drunk people everywhere. It just wasn't my cup of tea. But least we can say we've been haha!

Christmas 2014
Looking back, is a sad one. This was the last Christmas we had with my dog around, Ralph. The pictures of him dressed up are from the year before. 

I've found so many pictures, but not many i'm willing to share. It's scary how much I have changed (and Dan) in the past few years. I think like a baby!

I think it's time to raid my mothers photo collection and fish out some pictures from my childhood. Stay tuned!


Friday, 1 December 2017

Black Christmas // Gift Ideas

I mentioned about attempting  Blogmas this year? Well, here goes my attempt. I'm not promising I will post every day, but we might as well put a sticker on the tin and call it "Blogmas", right? 

I thought we would start off with a Christmas gift list, dedicated to all things black. Don't forget the discount codes! 


These come in SO many different styles, glitter, metallic, It's pretty hard not to want them all. Especially the silver metallic for over the Christmas period. 


If you're not a fan of this design, but would like something similar, be sure to check out their other shirts. Unisex also, so if you're lame like me and love to match, buy each other one!


I had an idea to store some crystals in this, it would make a great display piece! 

I love the whole range Paperchase have at the moment called "Bloom Noir". It was pretty much made for someone like myself. 


I love the gold contrasts on this bag, it's subtle. For someone like myself who wears A LOT of black, I feel that the gold just adds a bit of detail to any full black outfit.


Killstar have a wide selection of items you could give as gifts (or add to your own want list), whether it be sippy cups, mugs, note pads, house decor... your list will be never ending once you start. This is in fact on my wish list! I'm hoping Santa brings me it so I can keep all my lists, ideas, and brainstorms. 


The most expensive item on the list. I think you'll agree that it's by far the prettiest though. I walked past the H&M window on Oxford Street, saw this, my eyes lit up, then I stopped and stared for a while. It's one to save the pennies for. 

RANGE £3-£4

Look, you're going to get socks for Christmas, no doubt about it, so why not ask for some socks that you can use to tie in with your outfit?

I'm not a fan out cats, but I thought these were pretty cute. They also look more like bats.

Also good to note they do deals on socks, 3 for £8.


Now, i'm gonna be honest with you, I have no idea how to pronounce the name of this brand, I probably never will. But i've seen them on Impericon a few times, and their stuff is pretty neat. The slogans hard to not love, right?

Happy buying!
☾ ☼ 

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Witch Casket Unboxing // November 2017

I have been SO excited about receiving my first Witch Casket! I absolutely LOVED it. I decided to do something a little different to what I usually do on my blog posts. This time I decided to film me opening My Witch Casket. Something I know people like to watch (I know I do!). 

I know it's not the most exciting of unboxing videos, or unboxing videos. But I wanted to get straight to the point and show you all the awesome things it contains! (I especially love the picture; I have framed and the bag which I will be storing my daily make up in). 

As this is my first video, it's also me just experimenting, and giving my brain a nudge on how to use Final Cut Pro again, as I haven't since Uni. I'm sure I will find my flow and way of doing things soon. Then we can make them more exciting! 

If you have any suggestions on how you'd like me to open my December box, please let me know! :)

Enjoy! ☾ ☼ 

Monday, 27 November 2017

Gideon - Cold

I'm going to put it out there. This girl, right here, is a bit of a mellon. I spent all day thinking about what albums would be in my ultimate list of 2017, when the album I have been listening to the most lately completely slipped my mind. So for the record, Gideon, Cold, would be up there in my top 10.

You see I hadn't really took the time out to listen to Gideon, until earlier this year. They had always been a band i'd heard about, and listen to no more than a song or two, but for some reason it took me up until them being announced as support for In Hearts Wake on their UK stretch this year, for me to sit and appreciate them.

So by now I think I can consider myself a Gideon fan. Of course this journey started off with me listening to their most recent record, Cold. 

One of the first things I noticed from reading the track list was there was a few familiar faces featured in this album. With guest vocals from Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed, Caleb Shomo of Beartooth AND Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose, it would be wrong to say that this did not instantly make me intrigued. You know what I loved about the use of guest vocals in this album, is that the feel I get is that they weren't just added to the album for the sake of things, they weren't just their for the sake of big names. I feel like they actually contributed in a way that their parts compliment the tracks that they appear on.

And what about the first track, Champions, let's talk about that, because i'm a strong believer in that the first track plays a big part in an album. It's the first song you're going to hear, it's going to set your expectations for the rest of the album. Champions is a great choice of an intro for this album. The opening riff builds anticipation before the song has even started, and before you know it you're moshing along in your living room. 

Cursed is just as much as a culprit for this. After hearing this just once, you're going to be waiting for the next time, ready to shout "CURSED!". But I think it has to be said that from the entire album, I have a favourite song; Pulling Teeth. If you listen at about 2 and a half minutes in, you will see why. But that's just my own personal pleasure! 

I love The Ghost Inside feel that Gideon has to them. In fact, they are probably the closest thing I have found to TGI in a while. Both the vocals and the music suggest this. I still find though that they are not an exact carbon copy to TGI, they as a band still feel fresh enough to have their own personality. It's fresh and it's not tiresome. 

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Oxford Street, Christmas 2017

The countdown to Christmas begins!

I've been feeling really Christmassy the past few days, i'm starting to get that excited feeling in my belly. I still find it magical even as a 26 year old. I don't feel as stressed about it as I did this time last year, I seem to have it all under control. I've got most of the prezzie's I need to buy, I feel like I can relax in that department now and just go with the motions.

On the way to a gig the other day we took a detour to Oxford street. Usually, I hate it there. The crowds are just not for me, my stress and anxiety levels go right up. I was feeling a little more confident on this particular day, that happens sometimes. Sometimes I feel like even though I'm anxious, that I could actually face the mission. (A mission in my eyes, okay).

My point was, I took some pictures and I wanted to share.

Over Christmas i'm going to try and blog more, I was going to go all out there and say i'm going to participate in Blogmas, but that seems like a commitment. Either way, I plan to take part in the online festivities! 



Saturday, 25 November 2017

My Top 8 Album Releases of 2017

Were reaching the end of the year, which means theres no better thing to do than look back on a year of music. There's been releases that I have been eagerly anticipating and felt like it was all worth the wait, and there have been some where I have been not so much had that feeling of excitement, but been more than pleasantly surprised. 

There are more than just a handful of albums out this year that I would love to shine the light on. With the likes of August Burns Red, Stick To Your Guns, who just missed it out on a place in my top 8, it was tough to choose between a whole bunch of talented artists, which looking back has been an exciting year of music. 

So, lets begin.

8) Northlane - Mesmer 

I remember the day of this release, logging into youtube and seeing that Northlane had uploaded every song off Mesmer, and thinking what? I didn't even know they were writing new music? Turns out nobody did. It was an awesome surprise, and I loved the way that we had no clue or insight before hand about the album. We could just listen to the whole thing, with a clear head, and take it for what it was.

I enjoyed this album a lot. To me, at the time, Node let me down a little. Looking back now, I feel like as I was massively into Northlane from the beginning of their journey, Adrian leaving was probably still a bit sore. I wasn't quite ready for the transformation of old to new. But now, i've grown to appreciate new Northlane with Marcus, in a different light. And Mesmer was an art piece in itself.

7) Saviour - Let Me Leave

I have featured this album before, which you can read here. The thing that was most exciting about the release of Let Me Leave was the way in which we weren't expecting this to happen anytime soon. I myself wasn't seeing Saviour get back together anytime soon, but I was absolutely over the moon to hear when they announced that they were.

We've recently been given a new single by Saviour called Empty Skies, which hopefully promises a release of a new album in the works. The sound of the new song reminds my greatly of before the split, it has a From Light To My Death Bed feel to it. And if this is them returning back to their old sound, i'm extremely excited for whats to come. 

6) Novelists - Noir 

I absolutely LOVE this band. As far as my music tastes go, Novelists directly hit the nail on the head. I can only describe Noir as a follow up to their debut album Souvenirs

The songs on both Noir and Souvenirs could almost be on the same album, as they all share a particular sound. They have stayed with the style of their first album, stayed true to their roots, which personally made me very happy as I loved Souvenirs so much. (There is a lot of use of the word love here, I guess you can say I really did love it). 

5) Embracer - Gospel

This is my officially cheating this list. I guess you could call this a prediction as it isn't officially out yet. And hey, i've only heard one song. 

Embracer are a small band who i've been following for quite some time. They have released two E.Ps so far, but never a full length. The full length however is out on New Years Eve, so I'm predicting this is going to be an exciting start for music going into the next year.

The song we have heard however, is Below which you can find here go have a listen if you haven't already. I'm very excited for the release of this album, and I have set my hopes and expectations high. I'll come back to this in the new year, to give you my full verdict.  

4) Counterparts - You're Not You Anymore

It was just a few days ago I mentioned this album on here for the first time. After sitting and thinking about where to put Counterparts in my list, I decided it had to be pretty far up there. 

The main thing to mention here, is that I feel like they haven't even reached their peak yet. It almost feels like they are only just getting started, and if this is a start, well, that's saying something right? 

There is nothing quite like having a album you can listen to in it's entirety, not having that urge to skip a song, and looking forward to hearing every track. That's how I felt and still do with You're Not You Anymore. Check out my summary of them playing The Dome last week here.

I'm looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings these guys. 

3) New Found glory - Makes Me Sick 

It would be a bit silly of me not to include my main boys in my favourite albums of the year. Lets be honest here, it's never going to be my favourite NFG album of all time. Times have changed, they have grown older just like me and you, music is evolving. And i'm okay with that. 

What I loved about this album, was that you can't not be happy when listening to this album (just like every other NFG song / album ever). Okay, so there were a couple of songs on the album which I admit to me are skippable, but overall I was happy. 

Hearing a few of these songs played for the first time back in October was purely magical. Because hearing the crowd sing along to tracks from Makes Me Sick, was almost as if it was a track off one of the albums they were playing in full that night. People truly loved it, the old school fans loved it. You can't beat NFG fans, they are the best. 

2) In Hearts Wake - Ark

I should have probably just stuck to doing a top 10 favourite list of Australian releases from this year, as once again they seem to be dominating the post. 

I won't try and airbrush the fact I was skeptical about the release of Ark. It was one where I wasn't really sure what to expect, maybe even swaying towards the area of doubt rather than the latter. I remember getting my hands on the record, and my first reaction was being blown away with just how catchy song after song was, to then diving deeper into the album to listen along to the lyrical content and as always, they strike me.

I've always loved In Hearts Wake for more than just the energy behind them. On a more personal level, what they write about is about subject matters that are also close to my heart. I have similar beliefs to them, and when those beliefs and topics are put to music, it becomes something beautiful. 

I guess you could say in its own way, this album is my favourite release of the year, but for different reasons.

1) Ocean Grove - The Rhapsody Tapes

When I decided to put together my list, there was no doubt about it in my mind what ultimately struck me as being my favourite release of the year. A band who I had been into for quite some time before the release and was eagerly anticipating. A band I was lucky enough to see play their first headline UK show earlier this year, at the Black Heart; at a tiny sold out venue in London. From this moment I realised these guys are going to take the music scene by a storm - watch this space! 

I have already featured The Rhapsody Tapes on my blog before, which you can find here, so it will come as no surprise and I won't go off on one again about how much I loved this album, but it truly got me excited about music again, for the first time this year. 

..2018, what have you got for us?