Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Soap & Glory Mini Haul

Fellow magpies around the world. I'm sure you can agree with me when I say that this is just one of those brands that you can't just walk past in Boots. Nope, you just want to buy all the things for the sake of it, even if you don't really need them, they just look SO good.

I've compiled together a little collection of all things Soap & Glory that I currently own. Some of which are massive hits, others maybe misses. 

Glow All Out

I'm beginning to get into the highlighting trend, and this product has made me start to appreciate highlighting more. So as I'm new to the experience, bare with me, let's just say it how it is.

I would say that this is perfect for people with very fair / pale skin / ghosts like myself. Its very light, but adds a slight shimmer, just what I wanted! Not to forget the peachy glow, almost like a blush with a slight shimmer. 

A great starter product for people like myself! If you are just starting out on highlighting, I would recommend you try this out too! If you want a more vibrant look rather then subtle, it's so very easy to build up. What else can I say but it's great!

I never really got the whole 'highlighting' idea if I am completely honest, but this gives me a healthy glow, and makes me look not so paper faced.

Kick Ass Concealer

Now this is one I can't really comment too much on. Mainly because I got the Dark / Medium one accidentally, and therefore it is completely the wrong shade for me. Clearly in my head somewhere I think I'm not as pasty as I actually am and momentarily lied to myself.

However, the is such a neat little concealer pot! Its perfect for your make up bag and travels, and comes with three different parts. On the first layer, is your setting powder, translucent again, this will not leave any colour, great! Lift up the setting powder, and you are blessed with two concealer colours, one slightly lighter than the other. Fantastic for wearing on their own or blending together.

Let me know if you have tried this product, I want to know if it's worth me getting the lighter shade!

One Heck Of A Blot 

I. Absolute. LOVE. this. For so long I have been using Rimmels Stay Matte Powder which I think for the price of 4 pounds you can't really go wrong. But after seeing so many great reviews for this product, I decided to splash out an extra bit and give it a go, and boy am I impressed.

Usually a few times a day I have to powder my face when it starts to get oily (oily skin problems), but after trying this out for the past few days I can say that I have only had to powder my face once throughout the day. Now for me, that is impressive! Especially if you consider this heat we have been having the past few days.

It's also translucent, which means it has added no colour on top of my foundation to my face, which is what my previous powder did. So with this I feel slightly more naturally, and my face doesn't feel like it's being weighed down. I would give this product a solid 10/10. 

The Perfect Ten 

Okay people, listen up. This palette is currently FREE. If you buy two Soap and Glory products online at Boots, you get this little charmer free. Also let me add, it is currently Buy One Get One Half Price, so you really are getting a fantastic deal!

So this was a freebie, and like you, I can't resist a freebie. Admittedly, they aren't really my colours, but there are a few in there I am sure I will be using.

The palette consists of both Matte and Shimmer finishes, but they are mainly shimmery. Minky looks like such a cute pink though, I can't wait to try that!

Arch De Triumph

Soap and Glory are on top game at the moment with their Brow products, I was given this one as a Birthday present. It is a two piece pencil (which requires sharpening), on one end with have a brow pencil in the colour taupe, which is a mid - dark brown, however it's a bit too light for me sadly. The other end we have a highlighter. Together they are said to shape and shade your brows! 

I really like the idea of this, I used the highlighter and it actually seemed to help my brows look a lovelier shape. 

The only thing I would say about this is WE NEED MORE SHADES! I would love to try this product out properly if it was in a darker shade. Also i'm not so keen on pencils you have to sharpen, it never seems to go to plan for me. 

What Soap and Glory products have you guys tried? Let me know which ones you think are best, i'd love some recommendations! I have my eye on Solar Powder and really want to try it out!


Saturday, 13 August 2016

Born For Adversity // Outfit Post

Kitted out in my new Birthday treats at once here. As you can see, not a great deal of eye catching colours or material here, but awesome non of the less.

I purchased this dress to purposely wear out for my Birthday. Whats great is it comes with two parts, the mesh t-shirt dress, and a bodycon slip dress for underneath to cover your modesty. Although it comes attached, you could easily detach this yourself and create more than one outfit of it! 

My creepers are fantastic quality, they aren't the real deal but they are a great dupe! They haven't fallen apart yet (only time will tell) but for 15 pounds you can't go wrong really, that is a steal. 

This beauty of a bag is made with fake pony hair on the flap, it's cute and it's just the right size to fit all my stuff in. I got this as a present from my amazing friend Tash <3

Can't forget my choker, my fave, never taking it off. My boyfriend called it a moon rock. It's not available anymore as it was limited edition, but be sure to check out other Wanderdusk chokers, so very pretty. 

Two Piece Dress // Missguided
Creepers // Amazon

Bag // Boohoo
Socks // Primark
Choker // Wanderdusk
Lipstick // Lime Crime - Bleached

Friday, 12 August 2016

Friday Favourites // What I've Been Listening To This Week

Instead of focussing on one pure act of brilliance, this week I am going to give you a collection of songs I have devoted myself to. Mainly because there has been quite a few songs that I've found myself listening to on repeat. 

I'm going to start with one that I have literally just come across whilst writing this post..

Chunk! No Captain Chunk! - Blame It On This Song

You either love them or you hate them. I say this from personal experience, people close to me have either loved them or hated them. Although I am a dedicated Something For Nothing fan, there isn't a Chunk album I can't admit to absolutely loving. Though I won't lie, Get Lost, Find Yourself took a bit longer to get into than it did the other two.

NETHER THE LESS, as soon as I pressed play on this song, Blame It On This Song, My feet instantly started moving and my body started grooving haha. Can't wait for the new album, can't wait for them to return to the UK so we can party on stage with them again.

Embracer - Below

I've mentioned this band to you before in a previous post. I mentioned that they were teasing something at the time, which we now know was a new song called Below.

It feels like forever I have found a band that is just beautiful to sit and listen to, because if I'm honest I don't really do that kind of music often. But with this find, I definitely struck gold. 

There is nothing more I need to say about this, just seriously give this song a listen, give this band a 1000 listens. It's what I can only describe as jam packed full of emotion.

Knocked Loose - Oblivions Peak

September 16th; write it down, remember it, because if the album is going to be like anything this track, it's going to be insane. I recently came across this band, i'm new to them, but I am already a fan.

Before hand though, make sure you listen to their EP Pop Culture if you haven't already, which came out over two years ago. From what I can tell from this track alone, is it sounds like they progressed since then and evolved musically. A band to only keep on getting better perhaps? I like that!

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Heartbreak Under The Streetlight // Outfit Post

I love this dress, it is so me. You can't go wrong with a plain black dress. In this case, this t-shirt dress is just right for a daytime look, and the added harness detail makes it more than just a plane t-shirt dress. This dress is also available in two similar styles on Missguided too. 


Dress // Missguided
Caged Sandals // New Look (Similar)
Choker // Cryptic Moon (Depop)

Friday, 5 August 2016

Friday Favourites // Trade Wind

I was going to wait until after my Birthday to write a review on this, so I could show you guys one of their limited edition vinyl alongside, but I can't wait no longer.

You may have heard of Trade Wind, you may know of Stick To Your Guns and Stray From The Path, you may not. In case you don't know, Trade Wind is the side project of STYG Vocalist Jesse Barnett and SFTP guitarist Tom Williams. 

Trade Winds first EP called Suffer To Believe was released back in 2014, and although very different from the guys main bands, It makes a refreshing change from heavy breakdowns and loud vocals, though just as powerful. 

We have now been blessed with their latest album You Make Everything Disappear, and although it is only 8 tracks long, I think quality over quantity can be applied here as it is truly a masterpiece. 

Opening the album are 2 previously music video released tracks that left us eagerly anticipating the album with high hopes. The song that really sticks out for me on this album is Radio Songs. Each time I have gone to listen to this album since it's release, I have skipped straight to this song, and then played the album in full, because I just can't get enough of it. I love the way the soft vocals compliment the instruments, building up towards the end where the sadness of this song is released with heavier guitars, drums and vocals. It is brilliantly done. 

Lyrically the whole album is clever. The big surprise to me was the last track Je T'aimerais Toujours (which translates to I Will Always Love You), where the majority of the song is sung in yes you guessed it; french, with the odd line sung over the top in english, which to me is very creative and not really something you would have been expecting. 

I get a real sense of a Deftones influence throughout this album at times, not so much that it's overpowering and obvious, but a subtle hint. It takes me back to music and bands I grew up listening to, which is quite comforting. It's new and it's different, but it's also familiar. 

Make sure you get a ticket to one of their UK shows in October, where they are joined by Sights and Sounds. Come show some support to a band that truly deserves it. 

Catch Tickets Here


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

August Wishlist / Birthday Wishlist

The month of my Birth! Fantastic! I've tried to add on this list things that I haven't already asked for, for my birthday, just to make it a bit more exciting. As I plan to do a Birthday gift haul next week sometime (I've asked for some very pretty things) Of course not to brag, because there is nothing worse than someone who posts just to show off.. but I want to share with people my pretty findings. Like a magpie sorting through junk, to bring to you the gold...anyways...

Links to each item can be found underneath the picture, happy shopping! x

Lime Crime Velvetines

The best selection of lip colours.. in the world.. let's be honest. I've asked for a few for my Birthday from my partner because you can never have enough lipsticks.

Yesterday, I did my check up on and nearly spilt my coffee everywhere in excitement that they are getting in the new grunge line of Velvetines. I have my eyes, both eyes, on Prairie, Rustic and Marshmallow.. 

If you haven't checked out this site already, what are you waiting for. They have a seriously amazing selection of American brands, to save us nasty shipping and custom fees. So now we can feed our make up addictions without having to pay ridiculous prices! 

Aura Crystal Cord Choker

Wanderdusk is an independant jewellery store I need to take a moment to rave on to you about. It has a beautiful wide selection of rings, necklaces , chokers etc and there is something for everyone. What I love about Wanderdusk, is every piece is lovingly handmade with care, and unique - every piece is different. A lot of pieces are also limited edition, so you can be sure to stand out from the crowd!

I currently keep going back to this choker, it's so basic yet so eye catching and different, and it comes in three different colours! Though I have to be honest with you, there is so much to choose from, it makes it pretty hard to pick just one favourite piece! This would jazz up any basic black outfit.

Suede Lace Up Sandals

I don't care if it's nearly September and it's going to be raining and snowing before we know it, these are the perfect sandal for any gothic princess. 

With a slight platform to stomp around on, stand tall and feel confident with these badboys. These will make you look fab, day and night with a multiple of different looks. Something I definitely need in my wardrobe (I know you do too!)

Knitted Black Cropped Jumper

I promise you I don't intentionally include Motel in every single one of my fashion posts, but because I have a slight addiction to them, it just kind of happens...

With Summer slowly coming to a close (Sorry guys, but c'mon it's now August), time to start planning our Autumn outfits in preparation. This would be ideal for an under layer. I'd wear this under a pair of dungarees or pinafore, or even a slip dress. Or perhaps a cropped vest underneath, and team with some awesome high waisted Mom jeans! You can never go wrong with mom jeans!

Polka Dot Mesh Top

I know, I know..this looks very similar to the Motel top featured above, but i'm really loving the whole mesh trend right now, and this also comes with a vest for underneath, so it's pretty much a bargain. Wear it alone, or style it up by wearing it underneath, to create another look.

This is just so cute, perfect date material too! I might ask Daniel to take me out, just for an excuse to buy this..

Faux Pony Hair Rucksack 

I absolutely adore this! It comes in two colours - black and grey, though the grey looks a bit more purply, don't you think? Which is fine by me, because It looks so cute. Ideal to make your all black day outfit stand out.

I must also mention, Boohoo have some beautiful pieces at the moment!

Sheer Floral Maxi Dress

Okay, confession time, I have never owned a maxi dress, to be honest I have been afraid because a) none have ever caught my attention, and b) I'm afraid it will make my legs look fat. But then I came across this.

The fact that it has slices up the legs, makes me feel more confident in this. I was afraid that because you can only usually see the bottom of your legs / ankles in a maxi, it was going to make me look chunky. Though i'm quite slim, i'm quite self conscious that my legs are like rugby players legs. That's just me being silly.

Love the floral print on this, need it! 

Monday, 1 August 2016

The Wonder Years // The Dome 28/07/2016

Every time I see The Wonder Years they are just as good as the last time. Something about this show seemed special though, and It has been a while since The Wonder Years have headlined in the UK. What better way to come back with a pretty intimate show.

I decided to take a step back for this one, and appreciate the music and performance. Usually i'm one of them crazy folk getting as involved as I can, but I've done all that, this time I wanted to really take them in.

Before this show, I wasn't really a fan of their latest album; No Closer To Heaven, but I think it took hearing the songs live to really appreciate it as an art piece. Their songs are full of emotion and they show that through their performance. 

Back in 2014 at Scala, I saw them open to There There, and forgive me for being a drama queen, or an emotional wreck, but it really got to me. That song as it does many others, really hits home for me, and the intensity of the crowd yelling that song at the top of their lungs was something I will always remember. This time they opened with Brothers & Cardinals and although admittedly I wasn't as fond of this one to begin with, the emotion was just as strong. 

Support act Laura Stevenson joined TWY on stage for The Devil In My Bloodstream which goes without saying, was absolutely fantastic, and a rare occasion. 

Of course Came Out Swinging was saved to go out on, and it seemed that it wasn't just the crowd who were there to see TWY. During the last verse from behind the stage comes out special guest; the security guard. One of the security guards actually got on stage and was passed the mic by Soupy to have his moment to shine. Of course it was hilarious, but also nice to see and be reminded that not all security guards are what the reputation from shows they have been given in the news over the past few years especially. 

See this setlist here