Saturday, 31 December 2016

New Years Eve 2016

Happy New Year!
Here goes another year! I spent the day with my friend longest and best friend Danny, and I'm spending my New Year Eve, quietly. Staying in with my loved one, having a few cheeky Malibu and cokes, and chilling out, and taking a few stupid pictures. Not because I couldn't find anything to do, but because I wanted to. :)

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Korn and Limp Bizkit // Birmingham Barclaycard Arena // 15.12.16

Here we are, the last gig of the year, and what a way to end it. Both Korn and Limp Bizkit in one evening.

Limp Bizkit was probably the first band to get me into trouble with my parents as a kid, I have the imagine in my head now, of my mother in the garden pealing potatoes one summers day, and me disturbing her peacefulness with those life changing lyrics of Hot Dog, as they blast out of my bedroom window. "MELANIE! TURN THAT OFF". Nevertheless, despite the backlash about them, I truly loved me some Limp Bizkit. They have always been on my 'Bands I Must See Before I Die' List, and I'm pretty happy now I get to tick them off my list.

I wasn't really sure what to expect, I have heard from several different places how bad they are supposed to be live. But to be honest, this wasn't really something that bothered me, or put me off. However what I will say is, I probably should have listened to these people, so I didn't feel let down afterwards. 

The setlist was...okay, I guess. I mean for an old school band, I guess you'd be silly to expect them to play anything other than their hits. But c'mon, you guys do have some other songs, so for that I felt a bit let down. Another thing that actually DID bug me... what is with the dance tunes in between EVERY song... did I come to wrong place, I thought we were at a metal show? Or perhaps i'm just getting old... Seriously though, the time spent in between every song with what I like to call just noise, they could have AT LEAST squeezed in another song or two.

Though it seems a little hard to believe, I did actually have fun though. Nostalgia wins over anything, once more.

Having seen Korn before, I already have the experience of knowing that these guys absolutely kill it live, and they are a band I will definitely be seeing again in the future. 

There was a few things different to when I saw them the last time. For one, it was pretty awesome to hear Word Up played, for what is apparently the first time they played this since 2004. Although not their own song, it is still a great cover. The twist of diving into to Queens We Will Rock You, after the first chorus during Coming Undone was also really well done and not expected at all. 

As for their new material, I'm really liking it, and as for hearing it live, it's made me like it even more. It's clear to see that the majority of people lead the same opinion and are enjoying it too. 

Prepare yourselves for the most tragic photos ever. A little bit not worth uploading, but something is better than nothing.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Stratford Upon Avon Trip

One of the last adventures of the year, was spending an overnight at this little gem of a town; Stratford Upon Avon, for my guys Birthday.

Though Stratford is known for Shakespeare, though we were interested in that, I won't lie, we were more interested in ghost hunting. We spent the first day exploring our surroundings, and took a trip up to the church were he is buried but realised it was actually inside the church which was closed. They did have cute little knitted  tree jumpers wrapped around the trees leading up to the church though, which was pretty adorable.

A lot of food was consumed on the trip. We found a few lovely cafe's, one of which was a place called Hoorays. The place felt homely, as if you were actually entering someones home. They bought our sandwiches out on cute little wooden boards. I think it was meant to be known for it's ice cream and milkshakes, but we were too full after our coffees and lunch to try them.

For Dans birthday meal, unfortunately our first choice was fully booked, so we picked another little posh pub along the canal, and boy was it worth it for the desert alone. We had no idea what to expect, but it was like something of Masterchef. You know of of those cakes you pour hot sauce over and it melts into a masterpiece. 

To be honest, we didn't do much shakespeare stuff at all, apart from on the 2nd day, when we went to the Tudor museum... because we found out it was allegedly one of the most haunted places in England. We were the only ones in there, and on the way out we got talking to the guy who owns the place, he told us some ghostly stories about the place and his own personal experiences, which to be honest was fascinating.  

Stratford is such a beautiful little place, I loved how quiet it was just walking around the town, it probably helped it was a weekday, but there is nothing better than walking around beautiful, peaceful places. In this case, it's definitely the architecture and surroundings that did it. 

I would recommend going around December time also, whilst the kids are at school, the Christmas street decorations are beautiful, and if I wasn't already before, I am now definitely in the Christmas spirit.  

Shakespeares Birthplace 

Before his Birthday meal
Dat face doe. Hahaha.. he's going to kill me.
This picture gives no justice. It was a gold chocolate dome, surrounded by popping candy and edible flowers. Inside was ice cream, and you pour on top hot fudge sauce to melt it. Help.
Hoorays! I love how they have decorated this place with so much detail.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

2017 Goals

I could have called this a New Years Resolution post, but to be honest I don't really believe in them as such. I believe however, it's a great idea to have goals, it's a great way to stay focussed and work towards things you dream of achieving. 

I currently do about 0% exercise, unless you count walking.. I keep telling myself 'I'm going to start running', 'I'm going to join an aerobics club', right now I may not have the money to start that club, but there is no price on running. I've figured I'm all about the excuses. This could not only be what I am needing on my body, but on the mind also. It's not something I've ever stuck to before, but it's something I aim to try work at, even if it takes a while to get into the swing of. 

Charity Run
I've done this before back in 2012, I did the 6 Mile Sport Relief run, it was so much fun, and it felt exhilarating afterwards to know that you have not only achieved running 6 miles, but knowing you have helped other people. To do another run is something I am looking into, I'd like to be able to go further than 6 miles this time, and ideally I'd like to run for the MIND charity. Watch this space! 

Try New Foods
Okay, one of the things I am the worst at in this world, is trying new foods. I am probably the most picky eater in the world. If I don't like the look of it, smell of it, or name of it haha, I won't go near it. SO, I solemnly declare that from 2017 on, I'm going to start trying things. I am getting better, slowly, but 9/10 I still won't try things. Originally I was going to try one new thing a week, but that's probably a bit out there, so I will stick to when the occasion arises and someone says "have you tried this" I won't just say yeah (because I don't like the look of it) heck I'll just go for it.

An Adventure Abroad
Annecy - France
The last time I flew away from this country was August 2014, for my 24th Birthday, to Paris. Before then I had only ever been abroad once, when I was about 10, with my family to the Canary Islands. Unfortunately, it's not something I have been able to do since, but it is a goal to work towards for next year. I'm currently lusting over the thought of Rome, Switzerland or Finland. Another place I've always wanted to go in Europe is Annecy in France. There is a something so comforting about being somewhere where no one knows you for miles, or even understands you, kinda like being a ghost. When I was in Paris, I honestly thought at one point, "hey, i'm outside, and i'm not anxious", and for the majority of that trip, not all of it, but the majority, I was somewhat at ease. I want to find that solace again. 

Start Saving
I'm a long way off from saving at the moment, in fact before I start saving, I need to actually pay off my overdraft (which is quite worrying at the moment), but I would love to start being able to put some money away. I'm not getting any younger, and moving out is something I want to work towards, so actually starting to save those pennies, is a must. 

Keep Posting
I really enjoy writing, I have said before how I think it therapeutic, and well, fun! Especially when it comes to music. In 2017 I want to post more material, for myself more than anything. I want to share my music experiences more regularly, and improve on my writing skills, one way of doing that is to keep them neatly together in the form of this blog. 

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Bullet For My Valentine - The Poison 10 Year Anniversary Show

It has to be said that The Poison was one of my favourite albums from my teenage years. For me, it was one of those gateway albums, that got me into loving the music that I do today.

So 10 years ago, on the first time around with The Poison tour, I unfortunately never got the opportunity to go. Admittedly, after Bullets first album, never other release after that, just didn't do it for me. I lost interest, which I think you will agree is perfectly acceptable. However, when this tour was announced, the inner teenage me got just as excited as I did the first time around.

Killswitch Engage, absolutely killed it. They are a band i've never had the chance to see before either. I was never a major KE fan, with their entire back catalogue and knowing every song word by word, but after this show, it has inspired me to listen to them more. Jesse's vocals are absolutely insane, practically identical to listening from your musical device, and for that alone, they cannot be flawed. 

Another thing to take full notice of during their performance was the chemistry they still seem to pack as a band. Like I said, this was my first time seeing these guys in the flesh, but i've seen live videos before, and how they manage to always keep up their energy and bounce off one another is amazing. Hats off to them. I would even go as far as saying they put on a better performance than Bullet did - not to say I enjoyed either one of their performances more.

To be quite honest with you, It would not have bothered me if Bullet performed absolutely terribly, I probably wouldn't have noticed. I was way to in the moment, and losing my voice in the process to notice too much of anything going on. This is definitely one of the most awesome shows I have been to this year. It was like taking a trip back in time, momentarily. 

I'm very much appreciating the fact that bands are starting to do 10 year anniversary tours of these albums we grew up listening to. I think it's a fantastic way for us old greebos to reunite and celebrate the music that we grew up listening to.