Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipsticks - Mauve & Stylist

L- Stylist, R- Mauve
Top - Mauve, Bottom - Stylist

I purchased these two lipsticks blindly. Never had I swatched a Smashbox lipstick for myself. I did a bit of googling on the colours I liked the sound of best, and I decided on these two beauties. They were definitely different from what I was expecting, but they are definitely now my favourite lipsticks in my collection. 

As you can see I've been using them quite a bit since I got them a few weeks ago. Stylist has a rose tint to it, the perfect grunge red lipstick for me. Mauve on the other hand, is slightly more pink than what I expected, but I've been looking for a pink that's not to 'in your face' for a while, and I have certainly found it.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Learning to Unwind

I must admit, I'm not the greatest at chilling out and relaxing. Once my mind decides to go on a tangent it's pretty hard for me to stop. I have in recent months been trying to discover ways that I can help myself ease these moments. Admittedly, sometimes it is easier said than done, and sometimes it is harder than others. Everyone is different though, and everyone will find ways to make themselves happy and calm, even if it's just for a moment. 

I thought i'd put together a list on a few things I find help me, it's about trial and error, and finding what helps you best. 

The Outside
If you are like me, sometimes you may find it difficult to go outside, whether it be for the day, or just a walk to your local shop. Or perhaps sometimes even coming out of your room and interacting with people can be a struggle, it can be tiring. 

I have recently been trying to get myself out more, even if its just for a half an hour walk, even if I am begging myself not to. I'm still not perfect at it, there are still times when I really can't, no matter how much I want to, but I'm slowly getting better at it. And you know what? On those days I do manage to push myself out the front door, or even smile at a stranger, or do the most simplest thing, I feel proud of myself and I feel better for it. There is nothing wrong with feeling a sense of achievement for the smallest things. Sometimes a slight breath of fresh air can do a world of good.

For me, this can sometimes be great, and other times I might as well not even bother. I love reading comics and graphic novels more than I do books. This is mainly because I love looking at the different styles of artwork, whilst I read and I find them more engaging. 

However, sometimes I find it very difficult to concentrate, so this technique doesn't always work for me. When I may be having a rough day, I find that I can be reading, and about 5 minutes later realise I have no idea what I have just read. It's like I read the words but it doesn't actually sink in. Personally I have to be 100 percent in the mood to read, it's just one of those things.

This is the main cure for anything and I am sure a lot of you will agree. There is nothing more perfect than switching on some of your favourite music, and forgetting that the world outside of your little bubble does not exist. All your problems and worries can be temporarily forgotten.

This is why I love going to gigs so much, because sometimes you can find comfort in the words other people are saying or singing. Sometimes It's comforting to reinterpret someone else's words into your own, like 'hey, i'm not the only one who feels this way' or 'hey, i'm not so weird after all'. Or even if you just want a singalong. Singing in my own little world helps me too, no matter how good or badly. 

You hear this from everyone, and I still need to listen to this one myself. Because I don't really get any exercise, and by exercise that doesn't mean walking in this case, you have to get your heart rate pumping to realise feel good vibes. 

I'm planning on taking up some kind of club soon. I always found dancing and aerobics fun, so this is probably something I am going to look into. But you could always go for a run around your community, which is something else I'm planning on doing. 

Treating Yourself
I wouldn't recommend this all the time because it could become an expensive addiction. If you're feeling a bit blue, anxious, stressed, as long as it is not about money, why not treat yourself to something. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. And it's always nice to have the excitement of the post mans arrival bringing yourself a little non-birthday gift. It doesn't have to be expensive, it could even be something as silly as your favourite drink or favourite treat!

People should cuddle more, it is by no means a myth when they say that cuddling can help relieve and reduce stress and anxiety. I have a hamster, and although I think my hamster is quite un-normal as he likes to sit still on my lap and be petted, I find it strangely therapeutic. You can also call me strange, but I consider myself to be a modern age Doctor Dolittle as I talk to him a lot, you know as if he can understand me. 

Being Creative
I consider myself to have been blessed with creative genes, this is my idea of fun. Give me a trip to Hobbycraft or the baking isle in Asda rather than a night out clubbing any day. I find it satisfying to have an idea and then being rewarded at the end by having some kind of finished product. 

So the other day I decided to make 'gothic biscuits', I by hand cut out shapes or stars and moons and then decorated them with edible glitter and icing. They didn't turn out great unfortunately, but I had fun and for that few hours my mind was fully dedicated to that.

There are tones of things you can make out there, all it takes is a quick search on the web, or be inventive! Come up with something yourself! That's what I love about it. 

That's what started me writing this blog. Writing is a hobby of mine. Writing on this blog has given me something to dedicate my time to and have my mind focus on something. It is becoming a great distraction, and I am definitely going to keep it up. 

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Bourjois Paris

A few posts back, I told you about my trip last year to the city of love, Paris. I mentioned my visit to their Bourjois store, something I had been so excited to do. As promised, here are my treasures I picked up. Some of which are available in the UK and you would have heard of, and some of which I had not heard of before I stepped foot in to their store.

Bourjois Cleanser
When I walked into the store, and saw all these pretty things I never knew existed, I was most excited to discover that they have a facial care range. I'm forever trying to find new face care products because I have rather problematic skin. I suffer from breakouts, dry spots, sometimes oil, the works, so I am obsessed with trying to look after it the best I can, but who isn't!

Sadly, this cleanser did not agree with my skin. I used it a few times, until I realised it was making my skin worse. I guess that's like most products. I also found that when applying it to my skin, it stung. I wasn't quite sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing at first, whether it meant it was doing some good or not, so I stuck it out. Like I said, it just didn't agree with my skin.

Bourjois Sublime Moi! - Shower Creme
Okay, this was my favourite find by far. Who knew that Bourjois did Shower Creme, I didn't! There was a few to choose from, but I decided to not be greedy and I picked my favourite. I used this whilst I was away in Paris, and it was so good, I had to go and buy another bottle before we left for when it run out. That bottle has now run out, and I can't bring myself to start using my back up, because I don't want it to go.

It's so creamy and smells divine, It has a floral smell but not too overpowering. I haven't found anything similar, until a few weeks ago. This was when I started smelling the shower gels in Tesco, and I came across The Dove Purely Pampering range. They have a similar smell to the Bourjois Shower Cremes and the same consistency, perfect!

Bourjois Mini Nail Polish
I've seen these nail polishes now and then on various sites in gift pack forms. But I've never seen them available to buy individually in drugstores in the UK. Bourjois to my excitement, had a whole range of them. Although these are so small and won't last very long, I couldn't help but not resist their cuteness. I'm a sucker for cute looking things as I'm sure a lot of you are. To make things more exciting, they were 3 for 2. I picked up a sparkly pink, bright red, and darker red, as at the time I was going through a red / pink nail phase - now I'm more nude!

Bourjois 1 Seconde Waterproof Mascara
This ladies and gents, is my holy grail. I'm sure you've all heard or seen this badboy. I have been searching far and wide for many years, on the hunt for the best mascara I can find. Something that gives me nice long thick lashes, as I wasn't blessed in that department, and something that doesn't dry up so quick. A few years ago, I decided to give this a try, and I haven't turned back since. I would highly recommend this mascara if you are like me and in need of something to give your lashes a bit more umph.

So this wasn't something 'new' I had discovered, but more my regular that I needed to pick up whilst I was there. Plus I wanted to throw this in there as I don't think it was fair to leave out what I think is such an amazing product!

Bourjous Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipstick - So Hap Pink
Hold tight! Another Bourjois product I am about to hype up. As said in a previous post, I have tried many Liquid Lipsticks, but have never really been satisfied with them, I'm more of a cream matte lipstick girl. The Velvet Rouge Edition Liquid Lipsticks from Bourjois are by far my favourite. To be honest, they are the only liquid lipsticks I have ever fallen in love with.

I love the way they feel and the colours (though granted I wish there was more of a range, though they are slowly getting there). The one thing I would say is they don't smell amazing, you know like other lip products do, Mac and Lime Crime spring to mind, but we can let this pass.

They don't transfer when dry, they are easy to reapply throughout the day, without it looking a cakey mess, they don't feel heavy or sticky, and that for me is a win! I love them so much I have a little collection, let me know if you'd like to see a haul of these in a future blog post!

Bourjois Face Scrub
Last but not least, back to the Bourjois facial care range. Another thing I picked up was this facial scrub, it smells GORGEOUS. Just like the picture on the front of an orange, you've guessed it, it smells like oranges.

The scrub itself is not too hard - something you don't want on your face. When applying to my face, it made my skin tingle, in a nice way! As if I could feel it doing its job, unlike their cleanser. I haven't used this though, as like the shower creme, I can't bring myself to use it. I have a habit of that - buying things and not wanting to use them because I like them.

I hope you enjoy my little Bourjois haul. They also had many other items, but I was afraid of going over my suitcase weight limit on the way home! I also purchased one of their deodorants - it was terrible. My love still remains for their make up though.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Friday Favourites - In Flames

Every so often I go through a phase of going back to my routes and falling in love with the bands I first started out listening to all over again. At the moment, I've been going on an In Flames marathon.

Although there are a lot of good upcoming bands out there today and music is changing, to me nothing beats the music I grew up listening.

I'm lucky to say I've managed to see hundreds of bands, most of the bands I've listened to over the years. But there are still one or two that I have not had the chance to, whether it be because I was too young or not had the money to, In Flames are one of those bands.

Come Clarity has to be my favourite In Flames albums, for the reason of to me there is not a bad Take This Life and album titled song Come Clarity, but if I was to pick one song on that album which stands out to me most it would be Dead End. Just because of those beautiful guest vocals from Lisa Miskovsky, and of course the heaviness. Although overall, I probably couldn't actually pick a favourite song on this album.

As for an overall collection of their songs, the track Metaphor, off their 2002 album Reroute to Remain is one of the more relaxed, mellow In Flames songs, but one I always go back to. When I'm feeling in a chilled out mood, this is one of those songs I seem to turn to. Everyone likes a sad song every now and then, whether it be to reflect your mood for comfort, or it be to cheer you up, and that's totally fine, I find this song does both.

You're probably going to hear my raving on about quite a few old albums in the future posts for now, as I seem to be going on a time travel back through the past.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Ain't Nobody Perfect // Outfit Post

If there was one word to describe my fashion sense, it would probably be grunge. Whether thats right or wrong. I'm in love with the whole trend at the moment, although I've always been a bit of a 'greebo'. 

I like the idea of sharing with people the things I wear, and looking through posts of what others wear too. Although at the moment still somehow don't own a tripod or remote, despite being a past Media Production student for 6 years. So my photos will be slightly lacking for the time being. Also being in front of the camera is something i've never been great at, it makes me feel awkward, but I want to conquer that fear! 

I absolutely LOVE Motel and the prints they keep coming up with for their clothes, in my opinion they are the best at what they do. Unfortunately, I don't think they sell these shorts anymore on their store, but I have seen some lingering around on Depop, so be sure to have a look. Also they have the same print or other items on their store.

Depop is great for finding great jewellery, there are so many independent stores all gathered in one place.

MOON CHOKER // Depop - Cryptic Moon Jewellery 
SHORTS (similar) // Motel
TSHIRT // New Look
Lipstick // Mac - Velvet Teddy

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Adventures of Paris

On my 24th Birthday, I was extremely lucky to have had my partner, Daniel take me to Paris. If you fancy a cheap laugh, read on, because it definitely was.. eventful.

We left for Paris the day before my Birthday, even though we left at 12 that afternoon, we still somehow managed to only get to our hotel room around 9pm. We thought it was a fantastic idea to walk from the train station to our hotel, I think we underestimated the distance a little bit. 

On the plane 
When we got to our hotel, which was beautifully posh, we took a look at their food menu and instantly put it back down again (we would have been broke before we even got out the hotel). So, we decided to order a pizza, which neither of us speak french, so we made an attempt to order online to our hotel.

2 hours passed, and no pizza arrived. By this time it was half 11 and we made an assumption that as the pizza place was now closed, our pizza wasn't coming. So, regretfully we ordered the cheapest thing on the hotel menu; '4 chips and 2 baguettes' costing a grand total of 22 euros. By this time, we were so hungry, and I wasn't getting any younger.. And 4 bowls of chips didn't seem too bad.

Finally, room service came, he knocks on the door, and to our surprise, we were gifted with 4 bags of crisps and 2 rolls. I told you neither of us spoke french.

So we were off to a great start. On the day of my Birthday, we did what I wanted to do. We started off the day shopping, obviously. Bourjois was top of my list, I got quite a few bits and bobs from there which I will do a future blog post on. The shopping bits the boring bit though, so i'll move on.

Rooftop Cafe
We took a trip on a canal boat around Paris, where for some reason whenever we went under a bridge, there was a roar of 'WHEEEYY' every time without fail. We ended the day by going to the Hard Rock Cafe, where the fussiest eater in the world (myself) was annoyed that they put onions my mash, who does that. 

On the day after my Birthday, by now I was fed up of eating sandwiches haha (this is the only thing we were brave enough to order our whole time, other than at The Hard Rock Cafe). We went to The Louvre, which was something Dan wanted to do more so, and explored more of Paris. Then in the evening came the Eiffel Tower..
On the way to Hard Rock Cafe
I didn't think I was scared of heights, until now. We took a lift to the 2nd floor, and planned to go to the top. But after stepping foot on the 2nd floor, we both instantly couldn't wait to get back down again, and didn't have the courage to go all the way to the top. 

The view from 'the top' as we called it
We decided to walk down, because there was a long queue for the lift. This was a stupid idea. It took us twice as long to get down because we were too busy holding on to the railing as a safety precaution incase we 'fell off the edge', all through the floor, or something, I don't know it was pretty scary. We have never been so happy to see ground. 
Before we got up The Eiffel Tower
The next day it was time to fly back home. But it wouldn't be us if we weren't late for something, and that includes our plane. Yep, we missed our plane and was lucky that we JUST managed to scrape together 160 euros to get us home again. 

Birthday Evening, outside our hotel. Look at that sky!
I am very grateful for the Birthday I had, and I am blessed to have such an amazing guy in my life. 

Monday, 20 June 2016

Funeral For A Friend - Last Shows

This is a more personal post rather than a review. A few weeks ago marked Funeral For A Friend's last ever shows on 20th & 21st May. I can honestly say how lucky I feel personally to have been one of those faces in the crowd, on not just one of the dates, but both.

I, like many other Funeral fans have been a fan since the start. Through my school days they were a big part of my life, they were the band that got me into the music I love and know today.

I am also lucky to say this wasn't my first experience seeing them, I'm glad that I got to see them through many stages of their career. My first encounter was in 2008, at my favourite venue of all time, the Birmingham Carling Academy - god, I miss that place, so many memories. That for me was special, because I never had the money to go to shows, and as I had my first job by then, I got to enjoy more things I loved.

Anyways, those two nights at the Forum in May, were the most special shows I have ever been to, probably the most special I will ever go to. I went to the Hours tour in 2014, but I never got to see Casually Dressed performed in full, because of lack of money, so I was even more excited for the 2nd night, it's one of my favourite albums of all time. 

One of the most memorable things from both nights that I noticed, was how loudly the crowd was singing. I have never been to a show, where the crowd has sung THAT loud. I discussed this was my partner afterwards, and when we went to get Kerrang to read what Matt had to say about it, it was interesting to read that said the exact same thing, which just confirms it really.

During the last song, which if you were there you would know they sung History, I tried very hard to hold back the tears, but that was impossible, but to look around and see other fans shredding a tear too, was somewhat comforting. Then when Matt started letting them flow too, that was it, I was done for, it wasn't so much crying anymore, I was destroyed haha.

The most beautiful part of the whole two shows, was the last few minutes after the last song had finished, whilst everyone was soaked in their own tears, the way the crowd all sung back the chorus of History over and over, whilst Funeral looked back at us, and whilst we all saluted into the air. It just goes to show what music really does to people. How everyone in some way formed together that night, we were all there for the same thing, we were all feeling the same emotions, and that in itself is magical.

I don't have any pictures or video's of my own from that night, I was honestly too busy taking in the whole experience. And one thing I noticed also, was the lack of cameras being thrusted in the air, I must have only witnessed the odd one or two, which seems to be a thing at gigs these days. It was amazing to look around the room, and see thousands of loyal fans, lost in the moment. Something I will never forget.

Here is a video from back in 2014 I recorded of their Hours Tour in Islington.

RIP Funeral For A Friend, you will be missed. 

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Lime Crime Velvetines - Cupid & Riot

Although I'm a bit late to the party, I am pleased to say I finally got my hands on two of the Velvetines from Lime Crime

I was stupid enough to purchase a few Velvetines from Ebay in the past, but they all arrived being fake, which now thinking about it, isn't surprising. That marks the first and last time I purchase make up from anywhere other than a legit retailer. So, if you're reading this, and you've been tempted by cheaper prices thinking you are getting a bargain - DON'T DO IT! Seriously, they can be harmful. 

Although I really wanted Faded, unfortunately this was sold out at the time (I will get my hands on you eventually), so I chose, Riot and Cupid. I am a massive matte lipstick fan, I own way too many, or not enough, depending on how you look at it, and I have tried a few liquid lipsticks, but never really been a fan. However, the colours from Lime Crimes Velvetines collection, are way too tempting, and I gave in.

I'm not too great at describing the logics of make up, however, I can say it how it is. These colours are just as gorgeous as the pictures you find online, as they are in the flesh. However, when I applied them to my lips, Riot seemed to look a little darker than I expected, and Cupid seemed to be a lot brighter, nether the less, still just as gorgeous.

As for the application, I'm not so keen on. Although at first they glided on so soft and smoothly, as they dried and I wanted to apply another layer, this became somewhat impossible. They began to look cakey and that lovely feeling I felt when first applying it, didn't feel so lovely anymore. This is why I am going to admit, I don't think I'm brave enough to wear these out just yet. The thought of eating or drinking anything whilst wearing these scares me, as re-application seems to be a pain in the butt. 

Top - Riot, Bottom - Cupid
I will probably buy more eventually, because, well, the colours... but for now i'm going to stick to my loves or Mac and Smashbox. Lime Crime, this is not the end..

You can avoid nasty custom fees by buying Lime Crime here