Thursday, 13 October 2016

Emmure Are Back..

We all know there is a lot of hate about this band, but I have no shame in saying I'm a massive Emmure fan, always have been, but after Frankie Palmeri went it alone, I must admit I was skeptical. 

So, I just opened YouTube, and to my surprise I am gifted with a brand spanking new Emmure song. Guys, I love it. It may not be the most musical genius thing the world has ever seen, but to be honest we never expect that from them anyway. I see them more as just awesome fun other than anything. Them vocals though seemed to have stepped up a notch! I can't wait to hear more, and I am now actually very tempted to buy some Emmure tickets for their upcoming UK tour.

Something about this band could make me want to see them again and again. Having seen nothing of the 'new' Emmure lineup, I think it would be interesting to witness first hand what these guys are about now and how they compare to the 'old' Emmure. 

Never the less, I am ready. Hopes are high! 

Sunday, 9 October 2016

October Wish List

It's October, which means it's apparently it's acceptable to wear black, everyday. Strangely enough, i've been lusting over a few 'colourful' items lately. When I say colourful, make sure you take that lightly...

There once was a time where I would only ever wear band tees, my style may have changed quite a bit since then, well, kinda. But I still like to indulge in the odd band tee or graphic tee, especially in the winter when all you want to do is wrap up warm. 

The design on this is typical for what i've been lusting over at the moment - eagles. I have no idea why. The cold shoulder sleeves make this extra different and unique.

If you are looking to add some basics to your wardrobe ready for the cold weather we have lurking around the corner, I have found you the perfect cute little jumper.

I picked the charcoal one, but there is a ray of different colours, and.. are you ready... its only 7.99. Bargain! 

Me and my love for Motel are forever going strong. They keep dropping more items and I can't keep up. I've said before about my love for tartan prints, and you can't go wrong with a checked shirt. The perfect layering item that every wardrobe needs. 

I found a similar one on New Look which is slightly cheaper, click here

This brand really deserves a post dedicated to them of their own. I could post every single item here that would be on my wish list, but I decided to not be greedy and just pick one.

I recently purchased their collared moon print tee, and it's so comfy and cute! If you're not to keen on this, go check out their other items anyway, i'm sure you will find something you love. Especially if you are like me and love t-shirts, great prints and peter pan collars. This brand combines them all!

Grab these badboys quick! They are currently in the sale for 19.50! These are so versatile and will go with almost any outfit, smart or casual. They have a creeper feel to them with their platform and lace duo. 

Give me all the velvet in the world. I've seen a few velvet jackets around lately, but this one is my fave! Mainly because it's green and different.

This winter be prepared, as metallics are in. I must admit, it's not a look i've ever tried to pull off, or been attracted too. But it looks like some retailers are really nailing it at the moment. I couldn't resist the cuteness of this dress either.