Wednesday, 22 February 2017

New Music You Must Hear, Right Now.

I think this should be an official thing, because music is constantly coming out, and I just can't keep up. I end up forgetting about it. 

Apart from the Ocean Grove album that I still am very much in love with, (if you are reading this, and you don't know what album I'm on about, go listen right now) there's been a few songs lately that have just been a notch above the rest, worthy of being given a mention. If you'd like to read my review on Ocean Grove, click here.

So lets quit rambling and get to it.

Commonwealth - Father(s)

I must admit, this is the first song I've heard from these guys, I'm yet to hear more, but boy am I eager. There's a rare moment when a song grabs you and fills you with excitement, I instantly got that feeling from this song. I don't know if it's his voice, the guitars, a combination, but It reminds me of Embracer, and I like that. 

Sorority Noise - No Halo

I have heard of these guys for some time now and I've given them a few plays, but they never really grabbed me, until now. No Halo is one of them songs you just can't wait to hear live, fortunately for us Brits they will be attending Slam Dunk Festival in May.

A few days ago they released a new song called A Better Sun, which you should also check out. It's from their upcoming album  
You're Not As _____ As You Think which is due out in March. I think It's more of a grower for me, but an upcoming album that will be getting my attention. 

Saviour - Forget Me

A band that should have been on my Australian Bands You Need To Hear post. A band who pack a lot of talent and have grown musically.  This is a band who we thought we lost in the musical world after announcing their break-up in 2014, but just a year later, they came back. Which I myself am extremely delighted with.

I must admit, I will forever be a First Light to My Death Bed fan, and 'pre break up Saviour' more so than I am with their new more mellow sound, but that's okay, because like I said, they have grown up and expanded their sound. 

I am a major supporter of the fact Shontay Snow, who'm is also a solo artist herself has more been given more of a limelight now, as her voice is just beautiful and really makes them unique. Keep your eye on these guys.

Emmure - Flag of the Beast

Okay, so a familiar band I'm sure. Though one to either annoy you or fill you with joy, I'll hold my head high and admit I am proudly an Emmure fan. But lets not discuss who's a fan and who's not. And if you're not, hold up for a second.

I know a lot of people lost interest from Speaker of the Dead onwards. But with the new line up, brings a promising sound. We've been given three songs so far off the upcoming album Look At Yourself. And as for Torch - absolutely insane. 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Four Year Strong w/ Chunk! No Captain Chunk // London Koko 17/02/2017

Well, that was awesome.

If you're a dedicated Four Year Strong fan, you will know that they have been undertaking a 10 year anniversary tour of their debut album Rise or Die trying. An album that many will agree, was a complete diamond of an album. I must admit even if they were just doing the casual / usual tour, I would have still gone, as I try to see them every time they come over, but this was just that bit extra special. 

Back in 2008, I cast my mind back to what was probably one of the best tours I have ever witnessed, the easycore tour featuring New Found Glory, Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong and Crime In Stereo. Four Year Strong were still quite fresh and only had one album (this album) under their belts back then, and seeing them play these songs for the first time having loved the album so much, was a hell of a lot fun. 

I must admit, I missed the first two bands, and I missed a song of Chunk! which annoyed me, because I'm a sucker for Chunk. Also there is this running thing I have with them, where ever time I plan to see them something goes wrong**..

**First time I went to see them at Slam Dunk, they were in the small room, I WASN'T ALLOWED IN, TOO MANY PEOPLE APPARENTLY..WELL..MAKE ROOM. Second time I had tickets to see them at The Borderline in London, I was ill on the day. Slam Dunk 2014, couldn't get anywhere near them because it was on that stupid stage near the bus stops (worst idea SD has ever had). When I saw them at the Ayslum in Birmingham, I did however make it which was a success..HOWEVER, on the way I lost 20 pound and during In Friends We Trust, we got on the stage, coming off the stage when they had finished I tripped over a speaker and landed flat on my face. I got up and ran hahaha. I did however manage to see them again at SD.

So, seen as we are being honest here, I was anticipating something to go wrong. Like I said, it kinda did, but it did not ruin it. I was a bit disappointed that they decided to not play as many of their older songs, but I guess that's what you're going to get from a support band. It's understandable they want to promote their 'new' album more, and with a limit of 7ish songs, somethings gotta give.

Four Year Strong - the main event, the big boys. It's been a while since I've had THAT much fun at a gig. One thing I've decided though - I don't like the Koko. I was at the Koko when FYS played their the first time around, and it was insane.. It felt like their was TOO many people, as if they oversold. It's the only time I have ever had to move from the crowd, and actually take a step back. 

We left the crowd after the encore to go get our bag to avoid the rush, then stood on the balcony, and their was a gang of older people moshing to themselves, and it was one of the greatest things i've ever seen haha. As always, great crowd. 

I need to start taking at least one photo to back up these stories, pretty pants at this.

Next gig - Touche Amore and Angel Dust, let's do this. x

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Birchbox - December 2016, January 2017 & February 2017

One of my Christmas presents from my lovely boyfriend was a Birchbox subscription. I've been part of Birchbox before a few years ago, but I cancelled after a few months as I wasn't very impressed. After following for a few months now, I thought I'd like to try it again to see if there has been any improvement. 

Today I received my 3rd box, so I thought I'd put a review together of my thoughts so far, and show what I got in my Birchbox, for anyone who is interested in having a nose, or who is debating whether to sign up themselves. 

December 2016

The idea behind this box was you are use the two different parts as brush holders, personally not for me, but handy for other storage. I use old/used pretty candle glasses for my brushes that is a bit nicer. 

In December I received:
  • Ciate London Fierce Flicks Eyeliner (FULL SIZE)
  • Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm (for hair)
  • Elemis Hydra-boost Day Cream
  • Anatomicals Coconut & Mango Body Lotion
  • Benefit Benetint
The Products from this i've tried so far have been great. The Elemis Day Cream is lush for my skin, making it feel all soft and moisturised. Benetint - I'm probably never going to use. The Anatomicals body lotion smells AMAZING. I would buy this again. All in all - not a bad start!

January 2017

So first things first, I love the box. I'm hoping that a lot of the future boxes I get are going to be draws, because they will stack on top of each other and look cute. 

In January I Received:
  • Merci Hand Cream (FULL SIZE)
  • Lord & Berry Concealer (FULL SIZE)
  • Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo
  • Whish Shave Cream
  • Nails Inc Galaxy Nail Varnish
I must admit, this has been my favourite so far out of the three. Again, not all products have I tested, that is because I am a hoarder and don't like opening things. (Yep, I'm that person who buys things they like but doesn't use them because they are too good to use). 

However, I have used the nail varnish and I loved it. It's a glittery layer that goes on top of a colour. I wore mine over a nude, it looked awesome. The Wish shaving cream, may not be enough to even go over a shin, but it smells like grapefruit and I just want to sit sniffing it.

February 2017

Oh Birhbox, you really are a man in disguise after my own heart. FULL SIZE SPECTRUM BRUSH PEOPLE. I was happy on that alone. Another pretty draw design, to stack on top of Januarys, very happy.

In February I received:
  • Spectrum Eyeshadow Brush (FULL SIZE)
  • Pop Beauty Eye Shadow Trio
  • Keeome Hydration Therapy Mask
  • Beaver Daily Moisture Conditioning Spray
  • Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel
I am definitely going to try the mask tonight which is a korean face mask, i've heard a lot about them so this intrigues me. The eyeshadow trio has 3 beautiful shimmery colours which I would wear, but again I haven't tested them yet. There is a sneak preview in the box for next month - we get to pick a shade of a Benefit lipstick. If that isn't enough for me to stick around, I don't know what is! 

My thoughts overall - so far is it's worth the money. 

Surprises! I love the thought of having a box of random cosmetics coming to my door every month, It's quite exciting. And an excuse to pamper yourself with new things!

The box is tailored to you. When you sign up to Birchbox, you are asked to fill in a questionnaire about your skin types and preferences etc, this helps them pick which treats they think you would like in your box. I'm still indifferent about this one - so far I've had not received anything that isn't suited to myself, but I did the first time around. I've also seen a lot of reviews where people have had this happen to them too.

Not to mention the points you get every month by reviewing the contents and your box itself. For instance, every month months you will have enough points to redeem a 10 pound voucher, so that works out at getting 5 pound back every month. These vouchers are to be spent on their store, so MORE MAKE UP *dribbles*.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

February Wish List

It's been quite some time since I've compiled together a list of treasures, and as I've found so many things that please my eyeballs, I thought I'd put together a February lust list. It seems like an appropriate time now Christmas has flown away (seems like a while ago now, hey!). Here goes, a list for all you fellow greebo's. 

Hallow Collective - The Tour That Never Was Tee

As I was on my travels to find pictures of this badboy to add into this post, I realised that today they actually put this up live for sale, and it's already sold out!! Not to worry though, restocks are coming soon. My eyes are peeled wider than they can actually psychically go right now, can't wait. Check out their other tees and goodies though! 

Motel - Velvet Slip Dress

It wouldn't be traditional of me if I didn't add at least ONE Motel product to the hit list. To be honest, I'm getting a bit annoyed with Motel at the moment, because they are on top form at the moment constantly deliberately bringing out things that they know I like. Just give me this to add a bit of dazzle to an ordinary t-shirt, please, I need it. Also - Velvet. Done. I'm sold.

Motel - Bad Decisions Long Sleeve

I'll be honest, I did have ideas to team this with the velvet Motel dress, as I think that would look pretty rad if the dress is slightly oversized. OR, just copy the model and wear with jeans and some Vans for a more relaxed look. Both work.

Asos - Smock Dress

Cute, simple and classy. I'll be honest, I have no idea what the name is of the style of this smock at the moment, as I've seen a number of similar style dresses - just with different Patterns, but I like it. Motel have their own versions at the moment on Asos. The cuffed frill sleeves add a bit of detailing, enough to still keep the dress simple. 

Pull and Bear - Chunky Heeled Sandals

I do actually already own a pair very similar to this, but mine are not Velvet, so it doesn't count. Be quick though, they are low in stock. Hopefully we will be seeing a restock of these too.

Kat Von D - Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks

Okay, so the new line of Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks.. Those nudes fit me down to a T. This is where it sucks being in the UK, because we now have to patiently play the waiting game. I love her range of liquid lipsticks, there is something to suit everyone or to fit your own personal taste. It's just an added bonus that they apply so amazingly and last like they say they do. I've only got one so far - Noble, but I'm waiting for the new release to get my paws on these beauties. Those very ones. Right up there.

Have an awesome February! x

Monday, 6 February 2017

Ocean Grove - The Rhapsody Tapes

Earlier this week Ocean Grove finally released the album that I personally had been eagerly awaiting; The Rhapsody Tapes. From what was relatively a small band from Melbourne, Australia, it seems like these guys are slowly becoming more talked about, and I think It's fair to say that this album could be their ticket to the recognition they so truly deserved.

Perhaps, they could have stuck to their 'roots' and kept to their original sound, but by taking a leap and using this album as an experiment, it has really payed off. The amount of how hard work they have put into every aspect of the album, is quite clear.

I think if we were going to sum up the entire of The Rhapsody Tapes in one word it would be unique. Unique because it had been a very long time that I have heard anything like it, not since I were in my early teens at least. Though there are quite clearly some Nu Metal vibes in this album, with the influences of KoRn and Limp Bizkit, and a dash of Deftones shining through. They surely do not sound like any other band around today - at the moment however. Perhaps they are setting the bar for the comeback of Nu Metal? As a result of that and their experimentation in this album, I think they could very well be setting an example to upcoming bands, who started off just like themselves. 

We are given our fair share of both aggressive vocals amongst the softer, along with the catchy guitar rifts, psychedelic effects and electronic, and it works. I will say that track 5; The Wrong Way, has become a sort of anthem for me. I love how the song starts quite and relaxed, into becoming something you can really pelt out the lyrics to, which quite a lot of the songs on this album do. 

This album for me has been on complete repeat for the past few days. On a whole, the album flows perfectly. It's not an album where all songs sound similar, each song has their own sound and stands out from the rest. I honestly think this is just the beginning for these guys and were just waiting for the day that they blow up and especially the day when they land across the seas to us here in the UK. 

Friday, 3 February 2017

The Time I Met My Favourite Band; New Found Glory

Last week you will know New found Glory announced their 20 year anniversary tour coming to the UK in October, playing 6 of their albums in full across 3 dates in London. As you will probably guess, I lost my shit haha. (First time i've used bad language in a blog and last - was needed to express pure excitement).

As you can also probably guess, i've seen them ALOT of times over the course of my small time on this earth, and every time is just as great as the last. Small venues, larger venues, seeing them perform Sticks and Stones twice before already, which was absolutely insane. But there is one slightly more special than the rest, I thought to personally celebrate this glorious event, I would write about the time I finally met NFG.

See, I've met a few bands a long the years, but in general I tend not to, because I'm too shy and the thought of even approaching someone I know in the street is bad enough, let alone someone I look up to and admire. But I've never had the chance to meet the band I grew up loving and never lost that love for. 

I had tickets for the London show at The Forum already, but then they announced VIP tickets, and my partner decided to surprise me and got them. Yep, I freaked out. Both excited but very very anxious. To tell you the truth, I actually thought I would back out on the day and not be able to do it, because of how worked up I get about these things.

When the day came, it was like Christmas. We arrived at the venue which I recall was about 2pm (I can't really remember), after a while someone came outside and invited us into the lobby. We all gathered around and was given a lanyard/ NFG VIP look at me tags. The guy gave us a run down on what was going to happen, that we were going to have a chance to watch them soundcheck and request songs, and then we would meet them and get some photos and some things signed. (This next moment was almost like at the Harry Potter studios, you know where they open the door to the hall and you're like OH MY GOD.) He then opened the doors to the venue and we walked through, where they were already on stage ready to soundcheck. 

It's probably the coolest thing I have ever done, watching my favourite band soundcheck to just a few of us - it will probably never happen again. From what I can remember, they played; Coming Home, All About Her and Memories and Battle Scars. Then we had to line up and wait for our chance to meet the guys. 

Of course, I stood right at the back to make sure that everyone was gone when I got my time, because I didn't want to feel like I was being watched. The wait seemed forever, someone clearly turned up the central heating cause I was sweating.. definitely not the nerves. I can't even recall what I said to them, and it happened so fast. But I do remember my camera letting me down and their manager jokingly being like your camera is crap and having to use Dan's phone instead. Cyrus did say he loved Dan's NAILS shirt though, so even though he didn't really care for them, from then on he cared for 'the drummer'. 

As I didn't want to go in with a whole load of merch being like please sign my whole life, like a dreadful fan girl, I got them to sign my Self Titled as to me that is very special. It's the album that pretty much started it for me, and from then I was really hooked. 

After that we went to get something to eat and cool down before we were allowed back in 60 minutes before doors opened, swaying in with my lanyard. This was one of the things I honestly desperately wanted to tick off my bucket list, and I am so happy to have had the opportunity. I'm so happy that on a personal view, I actually beat my anxiety that day too, because I didn't think I'd be able to do it.

Roll on October, Of course I will be at all 3 London shows, and seeing in the smallest venue I've seen them in yet; The Underworld. 

I'll leave you here with  some terrible recordings (due to my camera) of the soundcheck.