Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Band T-shirts?

I guess this is quite a controversial topic, because you either agree of disagree, but lets talk about one of the latest fashions - band t-shirts.

I'm going to try and write this so I don't offend, because I really don't want to offend anyone! Fashion is fashion at the end of the day, and I'm all for expression and wearing whatever the hell you want!

So where to start, I can only speak from my own personal views, but growing up you wouldn't see me in anything other than a band shirt. I don't so much wear them nowadays, though I am partial to one. But when I do wear band shirts, it's because I support the band. I'm not talking one or two songs.. 
"My favourite bands Found Glory" 
"Oh sweet, what's your favourite song?" 
"My Friends Over You"...

No, I genuinely love the music, love the band, love the songs, probably seen them live a million times, It's a way of supporting a band. That's how I grew up, heavily influenced by music, and was forever picked on for the music I listened to and for being myself.

It seems strange now that those kind of people, who would turn their nose up at the kind of music we listen to, and now wearing band shirts, by the people who we grew up listening to - just because it's 'cool'. 

I've gotten used to seeing Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Led Zep t-shirts now, though it still makes me cringe a little inside, but what topped it was seeing proudly placed in Topshop, A KoRn t-shirt. I don't know why that aggravated me a little more than the usual, maybe because it's a band who is a little more modern, more my taste of music, a band that I actually grew up listening to and saw the other week, and then the week after their t-shirt is in a high street shop window. Hmmm, it just doesn't sit right with me.

It's a tough one to talk about, because it's one of those things where you are going to offend someone, even if your intentions were right. I mean, if suddenly football shirts became cool, it's like me going out in a Arsenal football shirt, from someone who hates football.

In my own opinion, It annoys me. But give it a little while, it will all blow over. 

Monday, 23 January 2017

First Post of 2017

Hello 2017,

I haven't done a very good so far at sticking to my 'New Years Resolutions', considering January is coming close to a close, and I haven't actually started fulfilling any thing I planned haha. 

I mean for starters there was the one where I vowed to pick up this Blogging lark and stick to it. I'm not sure why I feel so demotivated. It's like, I enjoy writing, but I just feel like it's effort. But as soon as I start typing away (like now), I'm instantly in the zone. I think I just really need to start kicking myself more into motivation, being my own boss. It's even more annoying I have so many ideas sifting around my noggin' to talk about. Jesus, I annoy myself.

In other news, which is along similar lines, I actually did a bit of exercise today. I've been looking for some kind of work out routine, I found a simple one of the NHS website. It shows you the moves, how to do them. I woke up this morning, and I did the proper warm up, the main event, and the cool down at the end. MY LEGS. THEY HURT. That can only mean good things though, right? It'll be second nature in no time.

I'm attending the first gig of 2017 of Wednesday which will be fun, not a band I am majorly into, but I got the tickets for my partner for a Christmas present. To be quite honest with you, I'm just counting down those days until Four Year Strong and Chunk, two bands I will never bore of. 

I do hope this year is good, but It's only going to be good if we make it good. So..I'm going to try all my efforts to make it good. 

'Stay Posi'

Few years ago, this was my wallpaper for a long time. I just reminded myself of it, and I think its very fitting for this post. :)