Friday, 30 September 2016

Friday Favourites - Casey

This week I want to bring to your attention a little band from the South of Wales, Casey. If you follow my posts, you would know that I have mentioned these guys before, but now their album is in our hands, I feel they only deserve to be mentioned again.

Love Is Not Enough is the first full length album from Casey, I think they kept us waiting long enough. The opening of the album starts with Bloom, which in my opinion left me in anticipation for almost the first minute with what I can only describe as an instrumental intro. It takes a while for the lyrics to kick in, which I feel is cleverly done. We are already left eagerly anticipating the song/album to really kick in. 

The second track on the album Little Girl I can definitely feel some Being As An Ocean vibes creeping in on this song - not a bad thing as I am a big BAAO fan. I don't feel like those vibes are too overpowering though in a way which it feels like they are just another BAAO style band, they definitely have their own individual sound. Another thing I love about this song as it has my favourite line on the album, "Our hearts lay on the bedroom floor, and one was mine, but both were yours".

Regarding the lyrics, I think we can agree that from a melodic hardcore band, you expect to hear heartfelt, emotional lyrics, which is what we are given through this album. That being said, the lyrics in this album are just as important as the music itself. There is not one part of the way it has been put together which sticks out more than another. I am pleased that Haze made it's way on to the album and has been re-recorded. 

I was planning to do a gig review of their Old Blue Last Show from last Saturday. But unfortunately we arrived at half 9 as we couldn't arrive any earlier, thinking we would have made it on time for their set, but only got to see them play their last two songs. 

It only took them two songs however to appreciate this band as a live act, and I will definitely be seeing them again. There is nothing better than a band that interacts with the crowd and feeds off their energy, like the the audience does the band. The emotion you hear through your stereo at home, is the exact emotion you will see at their show. All in all, I am in love with this album. 


Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Decorating Your Witchy Castle

If you are anything like me, and love your home decor with a witchy vibe, you are going to love this collection I have put together for you. Expect lots of black, lots of spell related products, and a tiny bit of glitter.

I think Amazon and Ebay are fantastic for the likes of home decor, as many people in to crafts find it the perfect platform to set up their own stores. It's just about finding the right searches.

I've had a browse around, and tried to find the cheapest place to buy each of these items. If you of course find something cheaper somewhere else, leave a link in the comment section. If you have something else you think i'd like, please do let me know :) 

Melanie x

Saturday, 3 September 2016

September Wishlist

This month i'm focussing on saying bye bye to Summer, and preparing myself for the weather change that is dawning upon us. The fact the nights are getting darker earlier, is the first sign of the dreaded Winter months. 

There's still some time however to not wrap yourself from head to tow in your winter warmer just yet.

As i'm taking a trip to the Royal Albert Hall in London later this month to see David Gilmore (admittedly not my thing but my boyfriends dream come true, so i'm very happy to go enjoy the experience with him),I've been looking for and trying to plan my outfit. I'm kinda stuck, as it's in the Royal Albert Hall which I have never been to before, it looks kinda posh, so even though its technically a gig do I rock up in my usual glad-rags or do I actually make an effort? SEND HELP.

Heres a few ideas I got diggin' around..

Lace Overlay Cami

Cute or what? I love the lace detailing to this, it makes it pop! It has two parts so I could either wear both separately and style to different outfits or wear the cami with a white t-shirt underneath. Neither too dressy or too laid back, I was thinking this would be perfect. Maybe with a leather skirt, or denim skirt? Possibly team it with my creepers. 

Harness Bralette

Seriously, Missguided are killing it at the moment for goth gear haha. Another idea for the top half of me at the moment, I love the idea of this simple harness bralette wore underneath a scoop or V-neck t-shirt. Maybe not worn alone to the likes of the gig, I think that may be a bit too much (were not going clubbing). 

Denim High Waist Skirt

Pretty much a wardrobe essential, it just so happens to be that I don't yet own one. I picked this one from Asos, because when it comes to denim, Asos is usually my go to place. Whether it be their jeans, shorts, etc, they always seem to fit me perfectly. (I usually struggle with all things denim fitting me properly) If its not Asos or Topshop, It usually results in me returning the item. 

Fine Knitted Jumper

Fun fact, my favourite colour isn't actually black... it's green. When I saw this jumper I fell in love with it. The colour, the way it's slouchy rather than fitted. Definitely a winter investment, hopefully they get some more in stock soon. I looked one day, and the next it was gone, so I guessing this I this was quite a hit. Otherwise the search for a knitted slouchy jumper continues. 

Mother Of Pearl Silver Choker

Another one of my favourite one stops for shiny things, especially chokers. I do like simplistic things, and what draws me to this is at a glance it may look simple, but pay closer attention and the detailing really comes out. From the rope like chain, to the glimmering colours of the stone. What an absolutely gorgeous piece of jewellery. Check out Regal Rose.

Metallic Coated Jeans

Every now and then it's cool to have a piece of clothing in your wardrobe that is totally out there. I'm lusting over these jeans. I can just imagine feeling like a mermaid strolling around town in these, and bringing a sparkle to autumn. 

High Waisted Tartan Skirt

Motel have blessed us with a whole bunch of new tartan print pieces, and boy am I happy about that. Tartan still holds a place in my heart, and now it is impossible to choose just one item with the same patten, I would have them all. As winter is around the corner, they also have a coat with this tartan print, it's gorgeous.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Friday Favourites - Wage War

Not a new release by any means, as Blueprints was released in 2015. But I only gave this album a listen around February, after seeing them pop up everywhere I look and not actually getting around to playing it all the way through. 

I can only describe this album as fun. It is one of those albums, full of heavy riffs, that constantly makes you want to mosh around your living room, by yourself, and turn up so loud which your neighbours would be thankful for. 

For a first album, these guys are setting the bar high for themselves, and have clearly got a lot of potential. Can we also take note of the lyrics on this album that have got stuck in my head, time and time again, and I find myself signing out loud randomly. Or the riffs that I find myself making guitar noises to with my own mouth. 

If you want proof, just give the intro; Hollow a few listens, "MARK MY WORDS, RUN YOUR MOUTH, WHEN NOBODIES AROUND, NO ONE REMEMBERS THE COWARDS WHEN THEIR SIX FEET BENEATH THE GROOOOUUUNNDD", which by the way is an awesome one to do the dishes to. That is exactly what I am going to name this album - "one to do the dishes to" making chores more fun (but probably extending the time they should take to do). 

Then we have Alive, which if you have heard of Wage War before, you most probably would have already heard. If you haven't started jumping around yet whilst playing through this album, I guarantee by now you would have done. 

I don't see me getting fed up of this album anytime soon. Even if there is a dry patch of Wage War in my life, sooner or later it comes creeping back and I remember why this album is just so damn good. 

Wage War are supporting Amity in the UK in December. Go catch them then, even if you are not an Amity fan!

Who wants to see Wage War live? (me) 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Truth of My Youth

We all have those special places growing up, places that will remind us of our youth and bring back magical memories. If I was to choose one place that pretty much sums up those wonder years, it would be The Carling Academy, Birmingham.

Though it is no longer standing, I will never forget those precious times spent there, which between the ages of 15 and 17, seemed so very far from home, although not far up the road, seemed like the most adventurous road trip ever - every time.

It wasn't just the shows that I went to at the Carling Academy, it was the whole experience with a group of friends who made that time of my life, just that bit more special. Though the bands I saw were pretty cool. 

Funeral For A Friend. 2008.
The best quality picture from then, you're going to get from a camera phone.

It was the place where I first saw Funeral For A Friend, after years of waiting to see them, but never being able to because I was too young before (my parents were quite the worriers), it was the first place I saw New Found Glory, which still to this day is one of my all time favourite gigs I have ever been lucky enough to go to. The 2008 Easycore tour - with New Found Glory, Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals and Crime In Stereo - what a line up. Some of the few bands I still love and go see today.

Funeral For A Friend - 2008.

Whether it be our friend from Kettering, driving all the way down to pick us up, or whether it be getting the train, the travelling was always exciting. We were never a bunch of kids who wanted to experiment with drink, we never did, we were just a bunch of kids who wanted to explore away from our hometown.  

Birmingham in general also holds a strong place in my teenage memories. It was THE place to go for us, something drew us to it. Then there is the Birmingham Barfly - Where we first saw A Day To Remember, where Tom Denney was still a part of the band. A small sweaty venue, with a bunch of kids where it felt like a family, you don't feel that at gigs so much these days, people are more interested in their camera phones. Waiting to go in we all sat on the pavement outside, where the members of A Day To Remember, Alesana and The Devil Wears Prada all came out to say hello and thank us for coming to the show. As a kid, that was the coolest thing ever.

A Day To Remember. Birmingham Barfly June 2008.
Great quality camera phone picture
Amongst all this, there is something about taking a drive somewhere out of town with a group of friends, that felt so refreshing. And even though we were doing nothing wrong, it felt rebellious, no parents, a can of Rockstar and the road, that's all we needed. The most rebellious it got with road trips was the time I asked to go on a day trip to Wales with my friends, I wasn't allowed. I told them I was going to a gig and hanging out with my friend Tash for the day, I went anyway, I was shitting myself - we will save that story for another time.

These friends who I spent those years with, I will never forget. Some of which are my best friends still, and I know will be for life. These memories and these people are things I will always treasure. Of course, I have had more amazing memories into the life of adulthood, and there are still a heck of a lot more to come. But places like The Carling Academy to me are very special.