Friday, 22 July 2016

Friday Favourites // The Swellers

This week I am dedicating a post to one of my favourite bands - The Swellers. I quite regularly (though it may be sad to some) watch their last US show at the Chain Reaction, which I did this week and reminisce on last April when I saw them on their last London show at the Dome. An emotional day for sure. Unfortunately it was the first and last time I saw them.

I think it's a real shame how a band with so much potential never got their big break or enough recognition as they truly deserved. Their records are something I will never grow out of or get tired of, they are timeless, and every play is just as good as the last. 

Isn't it sad how we live in a world where pop groups like One Direction get so much publicity and they don't even write their own music, the only talent they have is they sound good, and to a lot of people 'look' good. Yet the bands who work hard, doing something because they love and enjoy it, and are talented don't even get a penny back. But these bands like The Swellers, make more of a mark on peoples lives. They will never be forgotten by their fans, they weren't just a faze or some fad. 

I feel like the music world has lost a lot of talent over the past year or two. Personally I feel a lot of loss. The Swellers, Funeral For A Friend, A Loss For Words, are the main few for me, but there's been an awful lot more.

I miss The Swellers.


Not sure who took this picture, but It was one of their crew. I wanted to put this on here because me and my partner are in it. And it makes me smile.